Meet Jacob

Jacob Vishnevsky


Jacob was exposed to natural healing modalities as a young child.  He was born into a family of physicians in the USSR.  Herbal remedies, homeopathy, acupuncture, and manipulative therapy were the norm in the medical community.  As a teenager, he saw his father suffer with debilitating back pain.  He wanted to provide him with immediate relief.  He used hands on manipulative therapy and was able to remove his pain.  He knew his mission in life was to help people using natural means, which are safe, non-toxic and effective.  Prior to establishing Nerofei, he consulted fortune 500 firms and was able to find multi-million dollar solutions quickly and effectively.  He always remembered how his father suffered and how he was able to help him.  He knew journey in life layed elsewhere and left the corporate world to pursue his true purpose of natural healing.   He founded Nerofei and continues to use his sharp mind and analytical skills to help people find lasting health solutions.

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